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that can only be adequately described as a Shakespearean cyber-thriller courtroom drama romantic tragi-comedy...

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People want so badly to be reminded of idealism, of triumph against all odds.

They love a romance based on selflessness not selfishness. They want him to possess psychological and physiological excellence. It was a wasteland filled with expensive toys and recidivist acts.

When his Darth Vader mask was removed I saw an unformed man, someone who had no innate integrity, no spirituality and one who certainly had not developed as an individual.

What I saw was pitiful and strange and incongruent with whom he purported to be. Of course the circumstances were dramatically different from yours, Oscar …He was only to murder a man long after I left the country.

Another time, he and his wife turned up to beg me to testify favourably and to ‘stop the press’ from writing about us. I implored his wife to make him realize that it was his court case and that he should desist from hounding me.

At this, he theatrically fell on his knees and started bawling.

She has worked with the Alchemist in the past, along with the Milwaukee Youth Theater, Bard and Bourbon, Kohl’s Wild Theater, and recently finished Stage Managing/Assistant Directing “Constellations” with All In Productions.

Currently, Brittany is the Administrator for First Stage’s Education Department. SYDONIA LUCCHESI - stage manager / chief of staff Sydonia is thrilled to be stage managing at the Alchemist once again, after most recently being here for the revival of the Halloween show, "Pepper's Ghost"!

A modern-day Romeo (Richard Montana) and Juliet are banished from seeing each other after meeting at a video shoot for the "Keep Ya Junk Clean" safe-sex awareness campaign.

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