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“The injury affected them a lot.” The injury was the hip problem that knocked Isaiah Thomas out of the conference finals in the second game – the same problem that kept Thomas, now with the Cavaliers, sidelined until Tuesday. “I don’t know who we are or what we can be until we get (Thomas) back consistently,” James said.“But we know what the program is, so it’s not like a surprise he wasn’t playing (against Boston). “So until we get a full dosage of (Thomas) and get our rotations down and things of that nature. You know, we were playing well and Tristan (Thompson) comes back; we integrate him.Though he's never been kicked out of a game before he's had 56 technical fouls during his career.

When he was ejected James had already scored 21 points and had 12 rebounds and six assists. James told ESPN he started arguing because he wanted to 'win every possession.''I don't care if we're up 23 or down 23. Some people speculated that James touched Fitzgerald and that's what lead to the ejection, but the Cavaliers' public relations department told USA Today there was no contact.

Fitzgerald said the decision was based on a few different acts.

We already know he won’t play in the Indiana game after we’re in (Toronto on Jan. We haven’t played as well as of late so we’re trying to figure that out, as well.

“We’ll be fine, though.” Just maybe not in the regular season when the games come in small bunches.

"I can't worry about job securities and trades and things of that nature." No one inside the organization suggested Saturday that Cavs owner Dan Gilbert was preparing to fire the only coach who's won a championship for this organization, and Lue will not make changes to his coaching staff. The 148 points allowed tied a franchise record that's stood since 1972.

Cleveland's lost its last two games on national TV by a combined 58 points."I don't know what's going to happen with our team," James said after the Cavs were run out of their own building, 148-124, by the Oklahoma City Thunder."I have no idea what conversations have been going on.“They were very in tune to what we wanted to do execution-wise offensively. James was asked about Irving being more of a distributor and whether there has been growth in that side of his game. He’s getting more and more confident every single year.“Well, I mean, there’s two guys on the ball,” James said. That’s just basketball.” He was far more expansive with discussing Terry Rozier, who hit 8 of 12 shots and had 20 points. This is his third year so he’s picking up better habits, more habits. Very aggressive, too.” The Celtics – all of them – were quicker to the ball.The Cavaliers star, who was playing his 1,082nd game against the Miami Heat, was tossed out with less than two minutes remaining in the third quarter.

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