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I have just had a recheck today and will have a phelbotomy again next week.

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I have not been to a doctor in 4 years for many reasons, however, I have been able to donate blood at common donation intervals but when my hematocrit levels appear a bit high, I find a second, non realted blood bank and donate again without waiting for the normal interval. I went to donate blood but was rejected because my iron was too low!!!!!!!

I tried again a few weeks later and again it was too low!!! was 1261 pretty high I think so have to give 1/2 bloody every 2 weeks.

What treatment have you received since your diagnosis? If you are postmenoapusal 300 is still within the normal range.

Did your doctor talk to you about when to get re-tested?

Any one out there who only has one Mutation , please have your iron levels checked frequently.

Fri, April 15, 2011 @ AM I was diagnosed with HH 15 years ago.

If anyone out there can help me locate any updated information please let me know. recommendations maintaining serum ferritin levels usually from 25-75%. I am careful with my diet/eat pretty much what I want.

I do highly recommend the Hemochromatosis cookbook as well as the other The Iron disorders Institute guide to Hemochromatosis book. [email protected], April 15, 2011 @ AM Yes Kathy, I would highly suggest you ask to have a serum ferritin test. I have started cooking with coffee, and would highly recommend the Hemochromatosis Cookbook. Fri, April 15, 2011 @ AM Thanks for the info Donna. I just made the stuffed chicken breasts from the cookbook last night and am in the process of reading the" Medifocus Guidebook" and the "Guide To Hemo". Information in these books say a person must have two mutations in order to develop iron overload.

Tue, April 12, 2011 @ PM I was wondering what everyone's nationality is.

I'm a male white 43, Italian and Irish, HH is from the Irish side of the family.

alot of her illness was most likely due to the Hemochromatosis.

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