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One of the most prominent buildings on the street was the Camlachie Distillery at number 130.

It was progressively built between 18, and went on to produce a fine lowland malt.

Nearby, close to the junction with Muiryfauld Drive stood the Caroline Coal Pit.

There were five closes in the street and virtually all of the heads of the households are shown in the 1913 Valuation Roll as being labourers.

The properties were owned by William Beardmore & Co.

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Originally known as Baird Street and named after Robert Baird, an oil and colour merchant.

The street runs from 222 Westmuir Street to Tollcross Road, it is named after the village of the same name in Fife.

Ltd., and it is likely they employed the tenants, given the street’s close proximity to Parkhead Forge. Still exists, though now shorter than it was originally laid out, when it extended from 171 Westmuir Street through to Old Shettleston Road, which later became Shettleston Road.

On the east side, close to Westmuir Street stood the Parkhead Metal Refining Works, built in 1875 for Park & Paterson, metal refiners.

It originally ran from 1023 Gallowgate to Biggar Street and had previously been known as Broad Street East.

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