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One Eu17 lineage corresponds to HG 28 which is frequent in Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent [6].In total, admixture of 2.1% is detected (if we label HG 28 as non-Caucasoid).

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A fifth Y-chromosome study, by Weale et al., [8] included 132 Greek students from Athens.

The same haplogroups found in [1] were detected in this study. The most recent and comprehensive study of Greek Y-chromosomes, by Di Giacomo et al., [9] included 154 individuals from continental Greece and 212 from Crete, Lesvos and Chios.

As for haplogroup J, most Greeks (22.8% Greeks/14.3% Macedonian Greeks) belong to J-M172 and its subclades which is associated with Neolithic population movements.

Only 1.8%/2.2% of Macedonian Greeks/Greeks belonged to haplogroup J-M267 which could potentially (althought not certainly) reflect more recent Near Eastern admixture. [14] studied Y chromosome variation in the Balkans, including a sample of 41 Greeks.

Greek Y-chromosomes belong to haplogroups HG1, HG2, HG3, HG9, HG21 and HG26.

None of the 35 Greek Y chromosomes are of non-Caucasoid origin.

So I have no idea what his qualifications are, but every time I chase down something he quotes I find it in a proven reliable source.. The E3b would mostly be E3b1a, specific to the Balkan area, and E3b3, origin unknown.

Greek Y-chromosomes The most comprehensive study of Y-chromosomal diversity in Europe thus far is Rosser et al., [1].

Greeks belonged to the major Caucasoid haplogroups.

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