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These workshops are designed to empower children to overcome bullying and harassment.Workshops use group discussion, role play, and video to help children recognize the signs and effects of bullying and harassment, as well as pathways to seek help.It is available for classrooms, school assemblies, after-school programs, and youth groups.

The YWCA’s Outreach and Prevention Program offers violence prevention education services for youth, teens and adults in Central and North Central Massachusetts.

Our violence prevention services educate the community by equipping individuals with the skills to resist violence and abuse and promote healthy, non-violent interaction.

Contact Tara Huard at [email protected] 508-767-2505 x 3079 for more information or to schedule a workshop.

This program educates teens on how to incorporate non-violent philosophies into their lives and provides counseling and other support services to teens affected by, or at risk of engaging in, violent partner relationships.

GPS is a strength-based violence prevention education program that uses evidence-based curricula to teach middle-school girls the resiliency skills needed to avoid being victims of violence and promote healthy relationships.

A one-act dramatic presentation that addresses the issue of teen dating violence.

Intensive training for professionals and paraprofessionals about the complex dynamics of family violence, appropriate intervention, legal recourse, safety planning and prevention strategies.

Participants learn how to recognize, respond, and refer victims they may encounter in their professional roles.

Designed to prevent child sexual assault, CAP utilizes a three-fold approach with teachers, parents and children to prevent child abuse.

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