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I'm mad because I think I caught you looking up my skirt a few times.

Johnny is furious, and demands to know how long she's been fucking his brother.

He wants a divorce but she's in tears, promising to make it up to him. He loses his temper and decides she can show him by sucking his dick.

He wants them out, but Johnny won't accept his offer to pay for an apartment.

Johnny says nothing to Brad, but in the kitchen over dinner, he tells Ariella he knows what she did.

I'm going to help you by giving you jerk off instructions.

I embarrass you by questioning you about your obvious panty fetish.I sit on the couch with my dress pulled up, showing off the front of my nylon panties.I make you go into detail about why you love panties.I make you answer exactly what it is that turns you on so much about sister's panties.You tell me that it's like the wrapping on a birthday present, and I tease you about wanting to see sister's pussy.If you don't do what I say, I'll tell mom & all my friends.

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