Updating java in linux

The following lists the steps required to update the JDK from version 1.6.0_22 to 1.7.0_21.

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I would like to update my java version (UPDATE, not install) on my ubuntu 12.04 computer.

I currently have java 7.x, and I would like to update it to the newest version possible (8.0 at least) without it being too complicated. without it being too complicated ...", I assumed that you installed Java 7 from the Ubuntu repositories, which contain Open JDK and did not add the Web Upd8 PPA (ORACLE Java).

De-selecting this option will prevent Java applets from running in any browser and the Java plugin will no longer appear in the Firefox Add-ons Manager.

Make sure that On 64-bit Windows, if you only have the 64-bit version of Java installed, the Java plugin will not be available.

For more information, see the Java Help page, What is Java Auto Update? For more information, see the Java Help page How do I uninstall Java on my Windows computer? See the Java Help page How do I install Java for my Mac?

for system requirements and installation instructions. To update Java, go to your Apple Note: When you visit pages with Java content, including these test pages, you will normally be asked to activate Java and allow it to run. You may also see a Java security prompt asking you to confirm that you want to run Java. For more information see the Java help page What should I do when I see a security prompt from Java? Note: You only need to enable the "Java(TM) Platform" plugin, if it is disabled.

mxp UAAAEji KEu23n3&Product ID=Dx1Bg AAAEir Rc Tvu C_&File Name=/I’ve just downloaded the file to my downloads folder.

It’s got everything you need, but a big name you don’t need, so let’s simply rename it, and move it to where we want it to be installed.

This can be caused by a conflict with Java and a standalone installation of Java FX that prevents the Java plugin from being properly registered. For example, if Java 7 Update 51 is currently installed, the Java(TM) Platform plugin in the Add-ons Manager tab should be listed as Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U51.

If you see other "Java(TM) Platform" versions listed, uninstall the older versions (see How do I uninstall Java on my Windows computer?

Java for Windows includes an automatic update feature that periodically checks for updates and notifies you when an update is available for installation.

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