Dating 2 people at

We can’t help who we like, and we can’t help it if we like more than one person.

Hence, do assess how you communicate with these two people that you love.

Figure out the one that makes you feel like you can truly be yourself around them.

When they both ask for exclusivity or a commitment, and you agree to both, that’s when the line between right and wrong starts to get blurry.

[Read: How to get over a crush and have fun doing it] #2 When you like two people at the same time, you will start to compare them.

When both relationships suffer, you may ultimately end up with no relationship.

This is most likely not where you want to end up, particularly when you feel that you can have a future with either one of these people.

When we do find someone whom we feel is perfect for us, we can still discover that there are some aspects about their character, appearance, and personality that we don’t like.

Some people find those missing pieces in others, while some end up finding two or more people who have everything they want and need.

You really need to make a choice between the two or none.

Having them both in your life in an honest way can only work if both of them are willing. In most real life examples, both people wouldn’t be willing.

The problem then becomes choosing who to be with, despite knowing that the other one still stands a chance.

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