afro caribbean dating london - Okcupid online dating persona test might remember this test from a while back, it's been around a few years)i'm the sonnet :)…i was bored this weekend and i'm too cheap to join Match at a month, so i set up an account on Each profile has a description of what they are looking for, who they are, what interests they have and the ability to post pictures.

My Best Face is a unique tool that lets you discover your ideal photograph.

To take part, you'll need to upload several photos of yourself and also rate other people's photos.

This will enable you to add more specific information about yourself, and the type of person you're looking for.

Ok Cupid offers several online games and test that are there for enjoyment as well as learning.

i doubt i'll get anything other than creepers on a free dating site, but it's still kind of anyone else had any luck meeting people on sites like these?

just creating my profile, it was exhausting trying to describe myself in a way to make myself seem superinteresting, and having exchanged just a few messages so far it's weird and contrived forcing interest in a complete stranger.

Ok Cupid graciously provided us with some internal data, which informed this infographic and offers a portrait of what the site’s users find most attractive in each other.

Basically, you’re looking at the traits that are likely to result in a higher “received message quality quotient.” In other words, when Person A receives a message on the site, if Person B who is sending it has these corresponding traits, then the receiver is more likely to respond, thus sparking an exchange.

They have about 3-million active users, and this ranks them one of the top dating sites in the world.

Compared to others choices like POF the modern layout and wealth of features you'll find at Ok Cupid are the likely reasons for its growing popularity. Creating a profile is quick and easy and will gain you access to the majority of features.

Ok Cupid is one of the most feature-rich sites available and this is even more remarkable when you consider the site is free.

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