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It could be that personal ads would receive even more replies if they included certain combinations of traits (e.g., a woman who describes herself as both attractive successful may get more attention than a woman who only mentions one of these traits).These results tell us that men and women seem to respond to different things online, with ads emphasizing women's looks and men's accomplishments being the most successful.The researchers therefore predicted that online personal ads placed by women would receive more replies to the extent that they emphasized physical attractiveness.

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These differences are consistent with the idea that the sexes have evolved different mating strategies.

While these insights might help some people to craft a more popular personal ad, let me caution that these findings aren't an excuse to lie or exaggerate online.

As expected, the women presented as thin and attractive received significantly more replies from male suitors than women who were described any other way.

Women presented as successful and ambitious received the second highest number of replies.

The basic argument is that men tend to look for women who are healthy and fertile, while women tend to look for men who can provide.

As a result, men tend to be a little more focused on looks and women on status and wealth.

This tells us that there seem to be a heck of a lot more guys out there reading and responding to personal ads than there are women (at least on Craigslist)!

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