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Simian initially introduced himself as a prince from Arachscimia intending to pass a test consisting in getting a precious crystal to become king.It later turned out he was lying: he was actually a Con Man hired by Highbreed to steal said crystal, which was a power source for a Plumber station on the Moon.His draining powers ultimately came back stronger, but he remained disfigured.

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As a result, they don't recognize or accept the authority of the Plumbers.

Millions of people around the world today are descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the legendary 5th century A. Niall was a wise, stout and warlike man, fortunate in all his achievements and conquests, and was therefore called “Mór“ (meaning “Great”).

A species of frog-like aliens who possess a large criminal empire around the galaxy.

Incurseans are treacherous, aggressive, war-loving and apparently lack any ethic.

It soon turned out, however, that he was much more sinister than he appears: his powers came from the ability he had to drain energy from people.

He had been draining energy from schoolgirls for a long time, turning them into zombies he then used to collect more energy for him.

Niall was the son of Eochaid Mugmedón, King of Tara, and Carthan Cais Dubh (also known as Carinna, who was supposedly the daughter of the Celtic King of Britain).

According to legend: “Young Niall had to survive the malice of his wicked stepmother, Mongfhinn, who left him naked upon a hillside to die.

As a young man, Niall encountered an old hag, who demanded that he and his companions give her a kiss; only Niall had the courage to do so; then the hag turned into a beautiful woman named Flaithius (Royalty), the personification of sovereignty and then prophesied that Niall would become the greatest of Ireland’s High Kings.”“Niall began to reign in 379.

He was not only the paramount king of Ireland, but one of the most powerful to ever hold that office, and was therefore one of the few Irish kings able to mobilize great forces for foreign expeditions.” Niall travelled to Scotland in order to extend his power and to obtain alliances with the Scots and Picts.

However, since Ben's Omnitrix had Ben's DNA as the default form, it ended up turning Albedo in a clone of Ben with the same alien transformations, but unable to turn back to his original form.

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