Average dating age for women

The number of marriages failing in their first 10 years is now as low as it's been since the mid-1980s.

This try-before-you-buy approach to matrimony looks like it's only going to increase.

Back in 1981, just over half – 51 per cent – of wedding were part of a religious ceremony.

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The average age at which a woman gets married for the first time climbed from 29.9 years in 2008 to 30 years in 2009, figures published by the Office for National Statistics said.

This is the first time that the symbolic age barrier has been reached.

Lady Diana Spencer, as she was then, had just turned 20 when she married Prince of Wales.

Catherine Middleton, in contrast is 29 years old, suggesting that the forthcoming Royal Wedding is – despite its pomp – more reflective of British social trends than some admit.

The average age at which women and men get married has been getting consistently later in recent years.

The mean year for first marriages for women in 1991 was 25.5 and just 23.1 back in 1981, the year of the last major Royal wedding.

"Your 20s have now became a decade for establishing yourself, education, degrees and a career.

The 30s is now the decade for establishing a family.

Alas, there's that old John Lennon adage about life and other plans. Although the average age at (first) marriage for men in England and Wales is just over 32, the most common age-group by frequency to get married is 25-29 for both men and women.

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