Dating an arab woman

I'm an Iraqi girl and only date white Men where I live in America.

My current boyfriend is white and so Christian so as his family, I am not Christian but he and his family loves me and even said: if you guys broke up god forbid, you are still part of the family and should Visit.

Alot Jewish Familys want their children to marry into the culture, but obviously there are the exceptions.

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I think they should let their children make that choice on their own because it's their life after all.

Parents can only give advice and guidance but they cannot decide for the children.

It is often said that Arab women will only date Arab men. Their religion forbids an Arab woman to date a Jewish man and I'm Jewish.

Also she must date someone from her village so that her parents could get to know him personally.

If an Arab women will date or have relations with a Jewish man, her parents or brothers will banish, expel and maybe even kill her for the assault on the family honor (see Its appalling how little people know about Islam considering all the vielled discust and animosity.

RELIGIOUS Muslim women are not allowed to marry nonmuslim men especially in patriarcal societies because it is generally the father who is in charge of instilling religion and values into his and her children.Men are allowed to marry outside of their religion but only to women of the people of the book (christians and jews).Generally speaking, Islam is a strict religion...a barbaric violent hateful backward religion.I think it depends more on the parents and older brothers.Unfortunately parents have the authority over who you date and who you are allowed to bring home.Join and Meet thousands of Arab women and Arab men looking for marriage, dating, and friendship.

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