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Being from Virginia, the young Martin played the character the only way he knew how: as an inspired Southern Baptist preacher.The act was a hit, and Martin emerged from his shell.

Martin (born Jesse Lamont Watkins; January 18, 1969) is an American actor and singer.

He is best known for originating the role of Tom Collins on Broadway in the musical Rent and his television roles as NYPD Detective Ed Green on Law & Order and Detective Joe West on The Flash.

His hot pictures are still searched for by women everywhere.

He has been a phenomenal actor and even after being so popular, he is still down to earth.

Sorry ladies...was confirmed by a New York journalist to me that Jesse L.

(Charlotte from Sex & the City) but I don't know about now. He is also in an issue of "Out" magazine and is on the cover. Sorry ladies...was confirmed by a New York journalist to me that Jesse L. When Martin was in grade school, the family relocated to Buffalo, New York, but Martin began to dislike speaking because of his Southern accent and was often overcome with shyness.A concerned educator and mentor influenced him to join an after-school drama program and cast him as the pastor in The Golden Goose.He does not seem to be married, and he might not have a wife or children at this time. He does not seem to be gay, but as he has never talked about his sexual preference, no one knows the actual truth.There is no information on his divorce record either, and it might be because he has never been through one.After graduation, Martin toured the states with John Houseman's The Acting Company.

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