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She recorded a verse for the remix to her artist Sacario record "Live Big".

It became the number one record in the tri-state area and coincidentally coincided with the release of Martinez's first single from her second album, "If I Could Go" which also featured Sacario and singer Lil' Mo.

in 2012, and in the docu-comedy television series This Is Hot 97 in 2014.

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Following her first album's release, Angie began work on a second record, 2002's Animal House.

In order to build anticipation for the record, she appeared on BET's Rap City and began a nationwide radio tour.

The pilot will be with the same company that Williams’ talk show is with.

According to a well-placed source, Williams and Hunter, were taken to lunch by executives from her production company Debmar-Mercury, who revealed they were partnering with Martinez on a new daytime show.

In October 2002, Martinez appeared in Paid In Full.

More recently, she appeared in Video Girl in 2011, Generation Um...

“She was disrespectful to so many people all the time.

I watch her TV talk show sometimes and she has really mastered her lane.

When Angie Martinez announced on-air that she was bolting Hot 97 after two decades as “The Voice of New York,” her roster of celebrity fans flew into a frenzy. Ludacris and Tyrese called from the set of the latest “Fast & Furious” flick. ” The pair called each other Snoop and Dre in private, usually when he was previewing one of his new track for her. And Martinez decided it was up to her to act as peacemaker.

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