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If you want to thrive on Street Jelly, just remember the three Plays: Play hard.

Give it a try, embed on your website, talk in small groups, enrich with videos and images from around the web, use the API to create a private protected room, easily moderate, delete messages, disconnect users, ban by IP and set your own word filter All FREE features plus private one-on-one audio & video calls, upload files, documents and presentations from computer and mobile, take selfies, send short audio & video messages. For small communities, events, and teams Includes all premium features.

Talk with one-on-one video and/or audio calls, entirely in private.

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Street Jelly's tipping system is fairly straightforward: Musicians perform.

Listeners buy virtual tokens and use them to tip musicians.

If you sign up for a monthly agreement, the contract length is one month and you are automatically billed on a monthly basis.

If you sign up for a yearly agreement, the contract length is one year and you are automatically billed on a yearly basis. As there are no cancellation fees you can cancel your plan at any time.

These awards distinguish the seasoned veterans from the newbs.

They're not exactly Boy Scout merit badges, but they do show potential listeners that certain musicians know how to put on a good show. And don't worry, friend, the tips and awards will soon follow.

For example: Share a file or a photo you took in the general group chat, or share it during a private one-on-one chat.

Use your mobile camera or computer camera to share photos or a selfie in the room.

For businesses looking for guidance and best practices to enable availability, scalability, and security. For businesses whose success is directly linked with the performance and availability of the chat platform, benefiting from high-touch proactive/preventive services. The cost is 20% of the total cost, with a minimum of 0 / month.

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