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Matthew - Jesus prayed for the Father's will to be done.

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People who are new in the faith may have never studied about how to pray.

Should we make requests, be thankful, offer praise, intercede on behalf of others, offer petition?

These and other questions will be considered in this study.

Jesus began the model prayer by praising God's name (Matt.

Bible prayers are filled with requests and thanksgiving for people other than the one offering the prayer.

Our hearts must be involved in fervent prayer, thanksgiving, and appeals to God.

Many psalms are filled with praise (note Psalm 86:5-12).

* God's authority and Lordship - He is the true God, in contrast to idols - 1 Chronicles -13.

; Psalm 17:1; 1; James ,17] James 1:5-8 - Ask in faith without doubting.

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