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People lease the space annually and when they return, they can see the same people who become their "neighbors." Some people live there on a permanent basis, and may eventually purchase if the lots are for sale.

Pittsburgh Area: Connellsville Heritage - 1 bedrooms - 650 SF - 30 apartments - 62 - 57 miles to Pittsburgh.502 Decatur Avenue, Connellsville - 724-626-8876 - Office hours vary Greenwood Apartments - 36 1 bedrooms - 650 SF - 62 - 45 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.101 Lincoln Ave., Mt.

Pleasant - 724-547-4399Independence Apartments - 28 1-bedrooms - 62 919 West Main St., Mt.

You can also spend the winter in a rental RV which is provided by the park or take a short vacation.

If you have an RV or wish to, this becomes an extremely affordable way to live. Always check thoroughly any park agreements and rules whether renting or purchasing.

Pleasant Millwood Arms - 1 bedrooms for 62 - 40 miles northeast of Pittsburgh301 13th St., Ford City, Pa.

- 724-763-4242Scottdale Plaza Apts - 22 1-bedrooms for 62 - 49 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Allentown: Allentown Towne House Apts - 162 1 bedrooms For 62 1827 W.

To qualify for senior low income housing a person must meet income restrictions.

The community reviews your income on an annual basis (the rules vary on this).

Some parks also have RV rentals so you don't even have to own an RV.

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