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The park offers visitors the opportunity to visit and interact with a wide range of marine wildlife.

One of the most popular attractions is the Dolphin Swim, where park guests can swim and play with bottlenose dolphins.

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Strolling through the expertly designed gardens is the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle outside the park.

The Marie Selby Gardens is the only of its type in the world as it is dedicated to the study and display of epiphytes, especially orchids, attracting scholars from all over the world.

There is a learning center which allows visitors to see several live caterpillars at different stages of their lives.

The center teaches visitors about butterfly life cycles, different types of butterflies, and butterfly anatomy and physiology.

And I struggled to meet men, generally, as they were intimidated by my height.

They would come over to talk to me about how tall I was and then walk away.’ When they did finally get chatting, however, they clicked immediately. ‘Our personalities complement each other but, because of our height, we understood where we were coming from.’ That year, they were named the tallest living couple by the Guinness Book of Records — a title now held by Californians Wayne and Laurie Hallquist.Not surprisingly, the children are following in Mum and Dad’s (pretty huge) footsteps.Lucas is 4ft 5in at the age of six — average for a ten-year-old.Eva, four, is 3ft 7in, typical of a girl a year older.And at six weeks old, Baby Jonah is just two inches shy of 2ft long.‘I didn’t realise the ceiling at the entrance of one set of stairs was lower than my head,’ he says. I arrived at work with blood dripping down the side of my face.’‘The doctor told me that without the medication I could have reached 8½ ft,’ he says.

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