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The camera has also photographed wolves, coyotes, fishers and numerous other species at the same site over a four year period.

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These surveys have a high likelihood of detecting cougars if a population existed in those areas. Or, they could be transient or dispersing cougars from the nearest known breeding populations in North and South Dakota.

These populations are over 900 miles from Michigan. Did the DNR release cougars into the wild in Michigan? The species in Michigan is listed as endangered and is protected under state law. Are there pet cougars or exotic big cats like leopards and African lions in Michigan?

This situation is not unique to Michigan, and has been occurring in many other mid-western and eastern states as well.

In 2004, a hair sample was collected from a vehicle bumper and tested using DNA analysis. A recent study based on DNA analysis of scat samples was conducted by Central Michigan University and the MWC.

The Michigan Wildlife Conservancy (MWC) is a non-profit citizens group established to restore Michigan's wildlife legacy.

They have restored more than 8,200 acres of wetlands, 2,500 acres of prairies and grasslands, and hundreds of miles of trout streams, and helped with several rare species recoveries and the creation of many backyard habitats.The last known wild cougar taken in the state occurred in 1906 near Newberry.There have been periodic reports of cougar sightings since that time from various locations in Michigan.Cougars appear to be spreading across Michigan, even into Oakland County, with sightings in the tri-county area also reported.Fourteen cougars have been sighted in Midland County, five in Saginaw, six in Bay, eight in Tuscola, 16 in Ogemaw, 30 in Roscommon and others in Clare and around mid-Michigan.These include several sightings within a few miles of the trail camera location. Rusz stated that "the long history of sighting reports in the area indicates the cougar photographed on June 1 may be part of a resident population rather than a wandering cat from a western state." Dr.

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