Updating the mac system

The latest big update to Apple’s desktop operating system, mac OS High Sierra, has just been released as a free upgrade for users. All Macs from 2010 and later are compatible with the update, and some Mac Books and i Macs released as far back as 2009 can also run it.

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(We cover preparation steps in the first section of our guide showing How to update mac OS on a Mac.) But in this article we cover possible solutions to try if your Mac freezes up in the middle of an update.

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HEVC, also known as H.265, is designed to efficiently handle 4K video without eating up too much storage on your Mac.

There are some user-facing updates, though; the Photos app now has an expanded and more powerful set of editing tools.

It’s unclear if the final OS X 10.11.5 release resolves the freezing Mac issue with OS X 10.11.4, as the beta versions of the update did not seem to fix that problem.

Users who are experiencing the freezing problem with Safari or with OS X in general should install the update and report back on their findings.

This offers a way of updating OS X on a Mac without using the Mac App Store.

The links below point to Apple where you can download the respective version of the installer: Most users are best served by installing OS X updates through the App Store.

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