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Robert (D)and (s)Katie We are real estate lawyers from Delray Florida.

My ex-wife and I used to travel to the west coast on the weekly basis and we found out about Art's parties at a clothing optional resort in Lutz Florida.

Thanks to you and your insistence about filling the hotel with single black men willing to pay money for sex with your "sub...MANY eyes are going to be on everyone ALL weekend. " ********************************************************** Too bad the ACLU is not notified of this disgusting type of behavior and hate.

Foolish to announce it publically and draw the attention of management and L. Art, we would just like to add, we love your parties and we hope to get down to Tampa soon to one of your events.

We couldn't help but notice the previous review which we found almost laughable if it weren't so offensive! Although the locations have changed over the years they have always been classy affairs with classy couples and attractive well behaved single men.

The comment in previous post regarding all the men being black and behaving like chimpanzees is offensive and prejudiced in a manner that we simply haven't ever encountered in swinging or ever in our lives up until now.

They were all complete gentlemen and we used to go on the regular basis.

I wish Art would come to my new local hangout in Hollywood Florida also I can introduce him to my new girlfriend.Pinepeak Cavern is a cave located a short distance north of Ivarstead, across the bridge to the right when heading up to High Hrothgar. Inside there is only a single room with one bear, a chest and a corundum ore vein.Select Location: Austria Belgium Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Georgia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Lithuania Nederland Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom Alaska Alabama Arkansas Arizona California Colorado Connecticut Washington, D. Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Iowa Idaho Illinois Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Massachusetts Maine Marshall Islands Michigan Minnesota Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina North Dakota Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico Nevada New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Puerto Rico Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Virgin Islands Vermont Washington Wisconsin West Virginia Wyoming Argentina Brasil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Mexico Panama Peru Puerto Rico Venezuela South Africa Thailand Australia New Zealand Online clubs/shops Dark Cavern Real Players Club is Interracial Swinging at Its Hottest!great people great party and super location........ The parties are just honest, respectful and fun parties.We have now participated with Art for over 7 years and have had every experince wonderful.He is so trusted to us that I have sent my wife alone to his parties when I had business that conflicted.

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