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Tiffani and Becky have always been close, she had Becky when she was just 15 and she kind of grew up with each other. Becky is a beautiful Blond hair blue eye stunner like her mother.

They go over the details of the job and that it would require three to four weeks of training and that the next step would be for her to come to do an in person interview all expenses included.

The only requirement is that Becky come with her to see what they are both getting into.

He gets in the limo and puts the privacy screen down and tells them there is a TV that is hooked up to satellite and asks them to get comfortable that the company headquarters is over three hours away. Becky cannot believe the way they are being treated.

They arrive just before noon and are escorted into the executive suite.

Becky was an early bloomer as the doctor always told them.

She had started getting her period when she was 10 and started developing womanly curves.He tells him that he thought the mother was beautiful but the daughter looked like she stepped straight out of heaven.He tells Gerald to get more details and then tell her about the house and everything.Ben introduces himself to Tiffani and then to Becky.Becky thinks he is very charming and extremely handsome.The light skin black gentlemen name is Ben he notices Becky and says “Hello young lady, I am Ben” and smiles.

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