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As a result of this success, she began to receive significant attention from Hollywood insiders.

Director Steven Spielberg cast Goldberg in the leading female role of his 1985 production of (adapted from the novel by Alice Walker).

I don’t want somebody in my house.” Goldberg has been married three times–in 1973 to Alvin Martin, cinematographer David Claessen in 1986 and in 1994 Lyle Trachtenberg.

Indeed, after 22 years of marriage, Ted and Mary are still crazy about each other.

"Creative passion" is how Ted describes their relationship. "I like her willingness to say yes to leap off tall buildings of life. And I don't think you're supposed to say this when you're almost 70, but she's very sexy." .

Whoopi Goldberg has better things to think about than Jamie Foxx hooking up with Katie Holmes.

We got Whoopi out in the rain Wednesday at NYC's Lincoln Center, and she was characteristically hysterical. Whoopi was festooned in duds that are hard to describe, but pretty damn awesome!

That traumatic childhood experience continued to overshadow her life—until she met Ted.

Since Mary and Ted wed in1995, just two years after meeting, the two have gone on to star in many more shows and movies, and yet they've still found a way to make their Hollywood marriage thrive.

"She's a remarkable human being so I'm just incredibly blessed.

We're through for the season in a week, so now I get to follow her and go wherever she goes."Their bond is so strong, it's even inspired the people around them.

When asked to spill the secret to their marriage, Ted has only one explanation: it's her.

"I'm married to Mary Steenburgen," he told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb in September.

With her trademark dreadlocks, wide impish grin and piercing humor, Goldberg is best known for her adept portrayals in both comedic and dramatic roles, as well as her groundbreaking work in the Hollywood film industry as an African-American woman.

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