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These [various things] will all then have their own Google calendar so they can be looked at individually, embedded etc and everyone could of course have access to all and view them all via their personal Google calendar, turn different calendars on or off, sync with Outlook etc. X said “wouldn’t it be great if we made the master spreadsheet with Google docs and it could somehow automate and complete the calendars”. I’ve only had a quick play so far with Google Apps script, but yes, it seems to be possible…

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I'd like to figure out how to hide the icons of the status bar that would appear in the left. Some apps such as don't have the option to hide that icon from the status bar.

Interestingly, you don't need an app to hide those notifications.

When foreigners come to Ukraine, they notice two things at once - warm relations and an exceptional beauty and femininity of the ladies who live in Ukraine.

This site is for those who want to find one's second half.

Recurring potentials are never forgotten and renew automatically when the deal is closed.

Be reminded of important details when the potential is linked to a particular venue. Mobile access is critical to sales meetings on the go.Let's also take a moment to learn the reason why apps (like weather apps, etc) don't have an option inside the app itself to do this!If an app requires its notification to be displayed 100% of the time, then Android's Garbage Collector/Process Manager is not able to automatically kill it.Staying organized in sales isn’t an easy task, but our built-in CRM makes it easy to track contacts, their organizations (accounts) and their potential sales, notes, and special pricing or details you need to run your business. An account can have unlimited estimates in various stages tied to a potential sale.Your customer calls and wants pricing information to buy, rent, or hire you. Track notes about their potential sale and know when to follow up. Once your estimate has been accepted, mark your potential sale as “won” and send the client an invoice.Because it can be a pain having to go into the script editor to run the function, it’s easier to just create a menu option for it: Here’s how: formula, and use the details from that to populate the calendar, but for some reason the feed importer function didn’t appear to be working?

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