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In the early 1970s exploration below the pyramid revealed a system of cave and tunnel chambers.

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Centuries later the area was revered by Aztec pilgrims.

The origin and language of the Teotihuacanos are yet unknown.

About 750 central Teotihuacán burned, possibly during an insurrection or a civil war.

Although parts of the city were occupied after that event, much of it fell into ruin.

Work in the 1990s focused on the city’s subterranean tunnels and on the apartment compounds, which were found to be decorated with vividly painted murals.

Long-standing threats to the greater area of ruins are posed by human habitation (including five towns), numerous shops, roads and highways, and a military base.The current name, Teotihuacan, was given to it by the Aztecs and means “the place where the gods were created.” At its zenith, Teotihuacan encompassed an urban core of about 8 square miles (20 square km) with a population estimated at more than 100,000 people.Its influence was felt throughout central Mexico and as far south as Guatemala.Pyramid of the Moon and flanked by platforms and lesser pyramids.The second largest structure in the city, the Pyramid of the Moon rises to 140 feet (43 metres) and measures 426 by 511 feet (130 by 156 metres) at its base. Quetzalcóatl (the Feathered Serpent) in the form of a truncated pyramid; projecting from its ornately decorated walls are numerous stone heads of the deity.However, even with the decline, the city was never truly “lost” — the Aztecs made regular pilgrimages to the site in later periods.

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