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Also, is there a picture of Wallace's actual sword on your site? It is thought that when William Wallace was captured in August 1305 he was perhaps trying to get to a meeting with Robert the Bruce.

There is no evidence however that he was betrayed by Robert the Bruce.

I would really appreciate finding out what kind of flower that is! Meghan My wife and I have named Our daughter Murron, we are constantly being asked for the meaning of her name. We did choose the name from the film and haven't been able to find out the meaning. The original screenplay for Braveheart had 'Marion' instead of 'Murron'.

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In 2002 I made my last trip and visited important battlefields. Because Scotland and my freedom are so dear to me I have decided to have a tattoo put on my arm.

I want to have the Freedom sword, if possible with some kind of text.

This remark was about an organisation that is supposed to go under the name (Sons of William) who are supposed to have some connection with Bathgate of all places.

I thought immediately that he was on about some kind of connection to the Orange Order.

Though try as I might I can't recall ever hearing about (Sons of William) and their connection if any to Sir William Wallace.

So here is the question for you, have any of the two of you heard of this organisation.

On Ben Wyvis I made some important decisions for my life and I felt free since a long time.

Braveheart is one of my favourite films and although never seen in real I can imagine what it looks like in my own way....

Pictish warriors were reported going into battle with painted bodies (that's how they got the name ...

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