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Joanne Leduman was a talented singer, and despite never re-marrying, the couple spent 45 years together.

Linda Jarkey described her summers in Bay City as some of her best memories growing up.

He eventually transitioned to nightclubs where he became a popular comic that toured along the East Coast and Midwest regions.

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He then chose a military career and underwent officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. second lieutenant) into the Blues and Royals, serving temporarily with his brother, Prince William, and completed his training as a troop leader.

In 2007–08, he served for over ten weeks in Helmand, Afghanistan, but was pulled out after an Australian magazine revealed his presence there.

"I toured all winter, but everything stopped in time for Memorial Day, opening in Bay City, with shows every night in the casino and a summer at the shore with the family." At the height of his career in the 1940s, the Detroit Free Press called the comedian's show, Jarkey Power, a "raffish good humor coupled with an onion chopper salesmanship delivery that can never be ignored.

He bubbles and bounces all over the place telling jokes, playing his horn and guitar, and for Jarkey fans, it's all funny." The Saginaw News wrote, "Harry, it seems, can work under any situation and for any length of time.

He never met Harry Jarkey, but was impressed by his celebrity status in Bay City.

For his 99th birthday, he ran an advertisement in The Times, asking for people to send birthday cards to the entertainer.

Linda Jarkey isn't sure what her father died from, saying he didn't have any kind of disease or particular pain. "His world became limited physically, and he just decided to check out." Jarkey performed on a handful of television shows and appeared in commercials for brands such as Chrysler, Nabisco and Schwinn bicycles.

But it was his time spent in Bay City that his daughter said made his career.

For a kid to grow up there every summer is very special." Linda Jarkey preferred acting and writing; her sister Julie was a dancer.

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