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He read 100's of books and 100's of academic journal articles. He applied everything he learned in the real world and analyzed his results.He even conducted original research for his master's degree.

The first step in initiating a relationship is to find out what you want from the relationship.

Love, happiness, respect, commitment, and fulfillment may all be possibilities of what you need and want from a relationship.

If you want a devoted girlfriend, a loyal, loving wife, or you ever meet a woman you want to KEEP dating more than once or twice, and you don’t like getting broken up with, cheated on, or divorced, THIS IS FOR YOU.

We value your privacy and would never spam you There just aren’t enough dating products out right now that focus on dating the natural way.

*The 4 Elements that transform a woman’s initial attraction to you into adoring, unbreakable, LOYAL LOVE…

*The 4 Elements that KEEP a woman in love with you…

He’s obsessed with reading, writing, learning, travel, and personal growth… Most importantly, Jim is deeply passionate about sharing the tools, techniques, and mindset shifts that have transformed his life with his clients and he loves hearing their success stories even more. *EXACTLY how to apply all Elements of The Formula starting TODAY…

Jim doesn’t want to motivate you for a few hours or days. Beyond his practical experience working with men from over 37 countries and 13 years of intense study in the fields of male/female dynamics, interpersonal relationships, personal development, and relationship satisfaction, Jim also earned his M.

Are you entering the phase in your life when you're starting to want a girlfriend or wife?

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