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In animation, the trope can be invoked without fully using it in the case of teenagers, where one character is only a few years younger than their crush, but differing rates of physical development makes the crush look a lot older than them. of kids get crushes on their teachers or on their older neighbors, or friends of their older siblings—and older siblings of their friends.

(One resolution is for differences between the older and the same-age siblings to be mostly maturity; when the kid and the same-age sibling grow up, Settle for Sibling can be a happy ending.) See also Puppy Love, where two little kids crush on each other, and Father, I Want to Marry My Brother, which relies on an innocent inability to distinguish between different types of love.

The first three seasons have been licensed and dubbed by Sentai Filmworks, with the rest of the OVAs in production.

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See also Likes Older Men, Likes Older Women, Fille Fatale and Kidanova.

Possible ways this crush can work out is if the the kid becomes older or their crush becomes their age.

It also aims a megaphone at many, saga has Keima time-traveling into his past seven-year-old self to complete the checkpoints that established his present life.

For more details regarding the shorter arcs that make up each of these sagas, visit the recap page.

While having this kind of crush is more often associated with girls, it is also common to portray boys as having this kind of crush.

Usually, nothing ever comes of it—at least not until the character in question is much older, and even then, it still might seem a bit Squicky to some.An anime adaptation by Manglobe began in October 2010, with a second season released in April 2011, along with three OVAs.A Spinoff OVA was released in June 2013 followed by the third season called .Analyses were carried out using spot sizes of 32, 44 and 60 μm.For the 44 and 60 μm spot, the resulting U–Pb ages, Hf isotopic and rare earth element (REE) compositions of these six zircons agree with recommended/reported values within 2U ages between split-flow measurements and those obtained separately on the Q-ICP-MS is within ∼ 20% for 91500, Temora-2 and GJ-1, and ∼ 60% for Mud Tank (due to its lower U and Pb concentrations).Keima Katsuragi is famous on the Internet as "The God of Conquest": there is no Dating Sim that he cannot beat, no heroine whose heart he cannot conquer.

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