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WKSD (99.7 FM) is a radio station broadcasting a locally produced Classic Hits format.

Licensed to Paulding, Ohio, United States, the station is currently owned by First Family Broadcasting and features news programming from ABC Radio.

Although it is said she haunts the field on Honeycreek Road where she died, other witnesses have reported her in nearby Seidman Park, and in nearby Findlay Cemetery, where she is supposedly buried.

When objects were placed between them and the windows they actually became brighter.

We tried painting the walls, putting several coats of paint over them (thinking they may have been a joke of a previous resident, made with glow in the dark paint) - also having used sandpaper on the wall in that spot first before painting.

WKSD serves as a sister station to WERT (AM) 1220 k Hz in neighboring Van Wert.

The original WERT-FM at 98.9 in Van Wert is now WBYR, now a Fort Wayne market station and no longer co-owned with WERT.

When you visit her grave she has a twirly that will start going around & round with no reason or wind blowing to let you know she is present.

Some have said she has been spotted walking the cemetery very restless as if she doesn't realize she has passed on. west towards Sand Creek, you will come to a gravel road leading north.

Last attempt to hang picture (it was a drawing on a piece of paper and simply taped to the wall) resulted in us waking up the next morning to find it taped to the ceiling over my bed.

We finally moved a tall dresser in front of it and that seemed to take care of it.

Usually she is seen alone, but sometimes witnesses report seeing a ghostly death scene re-enacted...

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