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After grappling with the Pearson Specter Litt COO’s newly resurfaced feelings for her longtime partner-in-crime (with an unintentional nudging by Louis), Donna kissed Harvey “because she just had to know,” leaving his stunned reaction as the last image until the show’s return.

Jessica returns to Pearson Specter Litt after getting disbarred from practicing law and officially hands over the reins of the firm to Harvey in a professional rite of passage, telling him that she wants her name off the wall.

What challenges face Harvey now that he’s guy at the firm and he doesn’t have a fallback to go to anymore?

What are you looking forward to exploring in the back half of the season for Harvey and Mike?

I’m always into the quick repartee and the teasing each other and, at times, the growing up and fulfilling one’s duty and standing up to each other. The Batman and Robin element of that, where they work together to win and use each other to their aid, I find to be playful and fun.

This whole season we’ve been able to drop Jessica in throughout to step this up, in the idea that she’s been able to challenge him as managing partner, and she’s also gifted him with her advice of how to run things.

In some ways, Harvey has used her as a crutch to be able to pull it all off.How do you foresee this affecting Harvey and Donna’s interoffice dynamics in the aftermath of their kiss?There is the potential of Harvey saying, “You know what, I want to drop everything for her and be with her and have a go at it," and, unfortunately, have to break up with Paula. It might be a knee-jerk reaction for Harvey where he says, “You know what, I want to spend my life with Paula.” Those are two options, [but] I have no idea where it’s going to go.ET: Do you like where Harvey is at the end of the midseason finale? What started out as this uber-confident, hyper-focused risk-taker hothead who liked to live large, we’ve seen the irresponsibility of his nature and the demons that he holds and the mismanagement of his emotions and we’ve seen him grow. We’ve seen him in therapy trying to work his mother issues out.We’ve seen him try to balance his life out by getting a serious adult relationship and now, with Jessica having left the firm, we’ve now seen him grow up and step up to become the managing partner of a firm that has had its major challenges along the way.“Harvey is now trying every which way he can to get Mike out,” Macht describes.

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