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Most residents accept this promise of rebirth, but those who do not and attempt to flee the city are known as "Runners".

They come out into a frozen cave, with Francis following closely behind.

In the cave, they meet Box, a robot designed to capture food for the city from the outside.

In the year 2274, the remnants of human civilization live in a sealed city contained beneath a cluster of geodesic domes, a utopia run by a computer that takes care of all aspects of their life, including reproduction.

The citizens live a hedonistic life but in order to maintain the population levels everyone must undergo the ritual of "Carrousel" when they reach the age of 30.

Logan fatally wounds Francis and as he dies, he sees that Logan's life-clock is now clear and assumes that Logan has renewed.

Logan and Jessica persuade the old man to return to the city with them as proof that life exists outside the domed city.

They explore an old, seemingly abandoned city, which was once Washington, D. In the ruins of the United States Senate chamber, they discover an elderly man.

His appearance is a shock to them, since neither has seen anyone over the age of 30.

Leaving the man outside, the two enter and try to convince everyone that Carrousel is a lie and unnecessary.

The two are captured by other Sandmen and taken to the computer.

After aborted attempts to adapt the novel, story changes were made including raising the age of "last day" from 21 to 30 and introducing the idea of "Carrousel" [sic] for eliminating 30-year-olds.

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