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She expressed to Darcy that Darcy and Hakeem are high status, compared to Tarah and Cooper, therefore should not befriend them.She is bothered by Darcy’s choice to associate with Tarah and Cooper and ends her friendship with Darcy.The theme of the story is not to pass judgment before exploring truth regarding people and situations.

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Once I knew how to read, I gobbled up books like most kids devour cookies.

I soon figured that if reading was this much fun, writing had to be even better. I begged a typewriter from my mom and banged out stories every day.

Lately, Darcy has been spending more time with Tarah and Cooper, the low-class people. Brisana considers them trash and unworthy of mingling with and ends her friendship with Darcy.

Darcy enjoys hanging out Tarah and Cooper despite their lower status. During his Shakespeare presentation, he stutters and feels humiliated. Hakeem explains to Darcy that how her gesture further embarrass him, similar to his mother and the mothers of children who mocked him in the past.

Booktalking Ideas: 1)Discuss the social classes and labels in school. 5)Explore the impact of socio-economic status on socialization, including pre-conceived judgment based on socio-economic status.

2)Explore peer relationships and identify the positive qualities of friendship. Challenge Issues/ Defense: Challenge Issues: learning disabilities, speech impediment, socio-economic status.

Darcy catches Hakeem with Brisana a few times and learns. Critical evaluation: The character development is simple and lacking depth.

Due to the high school setting, the language style is simple.

In time, the majority may come to agree with these minority groups. : A Matter of Trust was added to the collection to increase diversity for young adult readers and expose them to urban fiction.

Author Information: Biography of (me) Anne Schraff I learned to read at age three and a half because I was tired of having to ask people to read all the funny papers to me.

I told everybody on my street that I was—at last—a writer.

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