Dharma dating uk

) and our friends and family got to experience how wonderful vegan food can be!

I can't imagine what my life would be without my husband and son.

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We come together to learn from teachers from the many Buddhist traditions, and to be teachers for one another as LGBTQI people with common experiences.

We seek to understand the path of Buddha and apply it in the circumstances of our lives as we really live them. Some of us practice in the various traditions of Buddhism that have developed through the centuries.

I never dreamed I would find someone to share my life who valued all the things that I do!

We even had a vegan wedding in Chinatown in Philadelphia (thanks to Peter Fong at Singapore Vegetarian/Kosher Restaurant as well!

Some of us look toward what will eventually become a Western Buddhist tradition.

Many of us have been following this path for many years, while others are just beginning their exploration.

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Whether a certain red-headed ass-kicker will be involved is still up for debate.

Aston Merrygold is to open his own chain of tattoo parlours.

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