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Despite being the quarterback of a major market football team and dating a reality TV star, Jay Cutler has always tried to keep his life as quiet as possible.

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The one at Disneyland I don’t understand why it’s so subpar?

=\ Which was one reason why I went with making Jack first, not even stores sell/make a decent quality one…..future plans are a Toothless the dragon costume and a Star Wars themed costume (= Movies: Sci Fi (Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, X-Files..), Horror (Exorcist, Evil Dead but that can be comedy too lol, American Horror Story, TWD/FTWD), Comedy (What about Bob?

and thought, "Man, I wish all this animation wasn’t here to distract me from enjoying the show,” then your prayers have officially been answered.

The cast of the hit Fox show will soon bring their meaty antics to Philly for a stop on their upcoming Kicking off in mid-March in Minneapolis, the tour will wind its way through the Midwest and East Coast, eventually ending up at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby on March 26.

They’re a bf/gf couple that got married and continue to make videos of playing through mainly Minecraft maps….which I don’t plan on playing LOL But their videos are just plain funny & awesome x D Markiplier and doddleoddle as well *nods* k~i~k = b~a~k~a~2~p~h~1 ...without all the tildas~ Antiques, Art / Painting, Bars / Pubs / Nightclubs, Beach / Parks, Camping / Nature, Cars / Mechanics, Collecting, Computers / Internet, Concerts / Live Music, Cooking / Food and Wine, Crafts, Education, Gardening / Landscaping, Home Improvement, Investing / Finance, Music (Listening), Movies / Cinema, Museums / Galleries, Pets, Photography, Science and Technology, Shopping, Social Causes / Activism, Traveling, TV: Educational / News, TV: Entertainment, Video / Online Games, Volunteering Someone to be Weird, Silly and Kinky with on a 24/7 basis =P Having the above^ in common isn't a requirement by no means.

Long as have a healthy curiosity about Life in general is all that matters in my mind.But I know Cutler a little and he’s really not the bad guy that everyone makes him out to be.He also has quite the sense of humor, and we know that he couldn’t be any happier about having a son to raise and lead by example.Chicago Bears receiver Earl Bennett told a local radio show that Cutler and Cavallari are indeed having a bouncing baby bro boy.So maybe that’s why he was so upset yesterday when the paparazzi were peeping in on his dog walk with his eventual bride. Just honest, unfiltered, long-form reviews written by professional, knowledgeable comedy critics.

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