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Homicidal intent is always a reportable issue, and so is suicidal intent.

The idea is to prevent people from harming themselves or others.

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Psychologists can invoke a legal privilege to not reveal what their patients tell them in confidence, much like lawyers.

However, the state’s interest in preserving life and preventing abuse trumps the right to confidentiality.

Sometimes temporary hospitalization is really necessary for the simple containment and medication reset it can provide, but the cost of that is very high indeed if patients lose trust in the safety of the therapy environment.

The need to preserve a fragile trust, which is in the long term healing interest of the patient, is the reason why more reporting does not occur.

The therapist has a duty on multiple levels to create an atmosphere of safety for the patient.

Sometimes patients will act in ways that are impulsive and dangerous, and it is the therapist’s duty to try to limit those behaviors as much as possible, not unlike a parent’s duty is also to limit a child’s impulsive behavior.I’m just concerned that all of these factors together will result in any therapist I work with wanting to hospitalize me. Self injury falls in a sort of gray area in between what is reportable and what isn’t. to be very clear, what I have to say here applies to the United States of America only; other countries will have different rules in place.If that’s the help I need then I’m guardedly open to it, but obviously I’d rather not go that route if it’s not necessary. In most USA jurisdictions, psychotherapists (at least the licensed ones) are mandated by state law to report certain behaviors to responsible authorities (e.g., the police, physicians, etc.).No exceptions are made for terminally ill people who would like to avoid pain and suffering, etc., unless this is specifically provided for by other state law (e.g., the State of Oregon may have different rules but I’m not sure about that).Licensed psychotherapists generally also have a legal and ethical duty to protect their patient’s privacy.What are a therapist’s obligation regarding reporting a clients’ problems with self-injury? but please, I’m pretty much begging you to answer this one. The exact definition of what is reportable varies from state to state, but generally has to do with the state’s desire to prevent people from harming themselves or others.

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