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Topics such as special pagination for the front matter or landscape pages and combining documents are also included.

Students, staff and faculty can get dissertation formatting assistance at Scholarspace: Located on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library.

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Remember to do this before you finalize your document so the table of contents will be current.

The table of contents is a finishing touch on long documents, such as reports, manuals, or books.

As you modify your document, the table of contents updates automatically.

You can opt to use a manual table of contents in your document, but Word doesn't pull the headings for the TOC and it won't update automatically.

The entries and page numbers are inserted automatically as fields.

Here's how you do it: You can customize the table of contents by changing the font used and the number of levels and by indicating whether to use dotted lines.

The two automatic tables can be updated when you change the heading text, rearrange the order of your content, or change between heading styles.

(They only differ by either saying "Contents" or "Table of Contents" at the top.) Alternatively, if you click the Custom Table of Contents…

The automatic table of contents is generated by the use of stylized headers.

When you create a table of contents, Word takes the entries from the document headings.

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