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However, turbans made out of fancy woven cloths and festooned with jewels are not unique to India.

As far away as Turkey, men have used the headgear to demonstrate their wealth and power. It is really a rectangular piece of cloth, folded diagonally and then draped over the head — not wound like a turban.

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Sikhism originated in northern India and Pakistan in the 15th century and is one of the youngest of the world's monotheistic religions.

There are an estimated 18 million Sikhs in the world, with some 2 million spread throughout North America, Western Europe and the former British colonies.

And a man from Saudi Arabia would likely drape his kaffiyeh differently than a man from Jordan.

The black cord that holds the kaffiyeh on one's head is called an ekal.

Many styles of turbans are found in Rajasthan; it is said that the style of the turban changes with every 15 km you travel.

In some areas, especially in Rajasthan the turban's size may indicate the position of the person in society.

Green, held to be the color of paradise, is also favored by some. In fact, few wear them in the West, and in major cosmopolitan centers around the Muslim world, turbans are seen by some as passé.

Afghan men wear a variety of turbans, and even within the Taliban, the strict Islamic government that controls much of the country, there are differences in the way men cover their heads.

Muslim religious elders, like this man from Yemen, often wear a turban wrapped around a cap known in Arabic as a kalansuwa.

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