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She quickly gained attention in the fashion world when she closed Lagerfeld's haute couture show in 1989.

Ill admit, I was partying a lot and slept with the wrong man.

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It makes me a little nervous though when many of the men who browse me are 70-80.

Now she confesses: “Dating is not all that it’s cracked up to be.” But what if a young couple carefully avoid inappropriate contact?

More than 10 years older than me, they are set in their own ways and don’t want to stay out and have fun.“10 years both ways…” –Jim-397948 “Never younger, same age, or 10-13 years older.” -Jordie-610865 “I used to think 2 years younger and up to 5or 6 older, but I’m starting to find that this might be limiting myself a lot!

Too old.” -Ramona-738757 “Basically I tend to go 10 years either way but really prefer closer age than that.” -Dawn-758914 “I have gone as much as 7 years younger.

Sexy chicks simply make the dude put away his guitar and focus on their beautiful boobs, bottoms and pussies.

They hoped that they could con enough people into giving them money to pay for their bandwidth usage, and quickly coded a button that read "click here to donate to relief funds for the Rwanda genocide." A few thousand gullible paypal users later, and Wikipedia had all the money it would ever need.

Simmons has appeared in small roles in television and films including Beauty Shop, Brown Sugar, and Waist Deep.

She was scheduled to return but later chose not to.

She has been a co-host of Sony Television's syndicated talk show Life & Style.

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