Phonecam chat - Common dating rituals in south america

This is the ugliest part of dating a Latina, and the primary reason I'd seriously think twice about marrying one.

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I want My Latin Life to be an information resource for travellers and digital nomads as opposed to a journal of my sexual exploits south of the border. Sure I've had more sex partners than average for someone my age, but it's not like I'm bringing home a new girl every night, or even every week.

In short, I'm not the best authority to be giving advice.

For a man, it's walking a tightrope of being dominant enough without being a controlling asshole, and being jealous enough to show you care, but not enough to seem insecure.

This is true of any relationship in the world, but Latinas bring it to a whole other level.

I tell you this not to boast, but rather to explain to you that I'm not talking out of my ass.

Through this experience I've learned a lot about Latinas.

But a few days later she published a photo on Facebook of her kissing another guy on the cheek at the club.

Fortunately, I wasn't too invested and thus didn't care, but it proved to be some valuable insight into this "revenge" culture when applied to dating. Dating in Latin America is a constant push and pull scenario.

One night, I went out without her to a club and met some girls, who later took me back to their place. Anyway, we got back to the house, played a few drinking games and I kicked the random guy out of the house for being drunk and having a bad attitude.

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