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"Hey George, that was a wonderful massage you gave me this afternoon", she said. I pushed the tip of my tongue between her lips and flicked it over her clit.

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And then I caressed her sides, touching the sides of her breasts with my fingertips.

I didnt hear her complaining, so I continued, her legs, then the inside of her thighs. Well, the next fifteen minutes in the sauna passed uneventfully.

My mother in law said, maybe Ill go for another swim. "Well, weve seen each other nude before, and its so much nicer to swim like this", she said and jumped into the pool.

She went up to her room to change, but she came back in a robe. I was a bit startled, but then againwhy shouldnt I be. We were swimming our lengths for a while but then we rested a bit at one end.

I continued massaging her thighs gently, moving closer and closer to her naked mound. I was sure by then that she was accepting it I looked again at my wife; she had her eyes closed. If she didnt like it, shed close her legs for sure. I felt the moist cleft of her sex I couldnt believe I was doing it. " "That's what we were both hoping" my wife replied, with a smile.

And so I dared to touch my mother in laws pussy "by accident". But then our fifteen minutes were up, and she jumped under an ice-cold shower.

"Well, your finish was very promising", she winked. "I thought so, its what you usually do with my daughter I guess." I just nodded. I looked at hershe looked quite attractive for her age. I thought that if my wife would grow old like her, I wouldnt complain.

"But I guess that it doesnt end there either." I had the impression she was coming closer to me, I felt her legs close to mine. Her skin was like her daughters; clear with a few wrinkles here and there. Still I felt a bit uneasy, being nude and alone with my MIL. I took it between my teeth and flicked it with the tip of my tongue. I felt her hand across my belly, searching for my cock.

Mother In Laws Holiday Visit Something special happened this summer.

My mother-in-law is a 51-year-old widow, her husband died a few years ago. My wife and I had grown used to swimming nude there, but of course we used our bathing suits for the occasion. We went to the room next to the sauna and undressed silently. I knew my wife's body thoroughly of course, but I was surprised at how much she resembled her mother. The two women came into the sauna and first we sat silently, enjoying the intense heat on our skin.

So we invited her to come over spend a week with us in our house in France, a beautiful quiet place for ourselves, no neighbors for miles. The second day the weather wasn't so fine, raining and all. I showered first and covered myself with a large towel. I went inside the sauna, but looked at both women through the small window in the door. They were both about the same height, and had feminine broad hips. My wife then spread open her towel and lay down on her back.

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