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The museum commissioned this splendid tipi from Blackfeet artist Lyle J. Traditionally, designs have been passed down from generation to generation, and pictorial imagery is based on visions men experienced during religious ceremonies. The main red motif can be interpreted as a bleeding buffalo skull or as two men holding pipes or hatchets.

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Visitors are allowed to enter one example, which soars 28 feet into the museum’s fifth-floor rotunda.

It was constructed around three slender wooden poles, to which others were added, and then a painted canvas (formerly a buffalo-hide covering) was unfurled on top and secured.

It retains many Victorian features: screened front porch, hardwood floors, stained-glass windows, cast-iron stove, butler's pantry with built-ins, and a fretwork spandrel over one bedroom's bay window.

A two-bedroom in-law suite is accessible from the picket-fenced garden and yard. JP Fluellen, The Property Exchange/Coldwell Banker, (307) 772-1184.

Men also created naturalistic designs on tipi covers and liners, which in the reservation era were also drawn in ledger books.

The decoration of objects by Native-Americans women artists is always dazzling to me. Even a small Arapahoe pouch from the turn of the 20th century merits an abstract design worked in porcupine quills and beads, while an Ogala Sioux spear case from the 19th century mixes hide, red trade cloth, and beads into a three-dimensional scheme of great vigor and complexity.

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