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While she and her team rely on tips and local private detectives to find the people they are searching for, Cherry notes that it is a logistical nightmare because there is so much misinformation and there are so many dead ends.The process can take anywhere from a week to three weeks, depending on the obstacles they face and whether or not they are thrown any curve balls along the way – just as Alicia was during her search for Benjamin, who had long-since moved away from the property he lived in while the pair were a couple.It was overwhelming to hear someone say 'I want to be with you for the rest of my life - even though I know you will get old and ugly and grumpy and eat too many donuts'.

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I know that marriage is really hard - and that there are going to be times when we want to put each other's head in the washing machine - but these are the times we will need the encouragement and support of all the people in our life. I'm a bit of a tomboy and even I had a major dress meltdown!

It's not all about me It's easy to get caught up in the wedding circus; what will my dress look like? But I realised that a wedding is not just about the couple - it's also a significant day for the people that love them.

I really loved watching everyone at the wedding getting stuck in and dancing the night away! ) There is so much pressure that the wedding day is 'the best day of your life'. I have to say that in the end it was an incredible, beautiful day but in the few weeks running up to the wedding I was pretty stressed.

I had always thought that brides complaining about wedding admin were clearly just not organised and perhaps a bit moany. If you're organising the day yourself and have a busy job, dealing with the admin is full-on! It is totally possible to get married in an electric blue jumpsuit (I was tempted) on the beach, but for some reason I chose to go down the traditional route.

But, at 3am, when I slumped into bed after the party, I sent up a little 'thanks' to whoever's up there that it was done and dusted!

Really looking forward to the show tomorrow Cherry, just been reading the posts on "cerry has a baby". ’ Cherry tells Alicia, who remains determined to do everything in her power to track Benjamin down, even though she knows the chances of the two rekindling their long-lost romance are slim.Cherry explains that because removing yourself from social media is such a 'conscious choice', people are often extremely thorough and leave no trace of themselves - which is unfortunate for those who are trying to track them down.Music by Kevin Mac Leod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" My name changed, my 'status' changed and my left hand changed. Externally, apart from the piece of metal on my finger nothing has changed at all. I also sometimes forget I am a Mrs - hesitating for a moment before answering the question 'what is your name? I've taken a giant leap of faith Whilst, of course you can be just as close without being married, for me there is something extremely powerful about standing in front of someone and telling them you'll stick by them.Cherry, who meets the participants for the first time when they start filming, says she becomes intensely invested in their mission to the point that she feels guilty when they expect to find someone and instead meet another dead end.

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