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As each street falls to silent pause, after pause, the film’s images recall the horror of other film cities left in stillness, like at the start of .

She leaves the city, as these other films do, not resembling itself, lacking its bustle, fury, and perpetual motion. The music, with its indecipherable lyrics and at times choir-like arrangement, encourages a heightened emotional engagement.

i’m always interested in an atmosphere where dreams and reality mingle on equal terms.” As the film unfolds, small details gather around the wonder: the orangey gold wig, as cheap as it might be, sheds bits of sunlight; pedestrians turn and watch her go by; she traverses even more extreme concrete and empty spaces like the highway off-ramp.

If Mc Ginley had stopped there, with just the intervention of the young woman skipping through the city, that might have been what this film was about: a simple, sepia-with-joy filter to see the city through anew.

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This poetic atmosphere of the music and the overall project makes it possible for “Varud’s” repetitions and slow, unfolding, and makes it possible for us to submit to its unspeakable and breathless wonder.

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