Tips for dating a marine

These are Oil is dangerous to marine life in several ways.

According to the NOAA , if fur-bearing mammals or birds get oil on their fur or feathers, they may not fly or move properly, maintain body temperature, or feed.

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Ocean mammals get entangled in old nets and drown because they cannot get to the surface for air.

Birds, turtles, and fish ingest a variety of plastic items, especially micro-beads and their digestive systems become clogged, reports The Guardian.

When oil floats on the surface, it blocks sunlight and prevents marine plants from using light for photosynthesis.

These plants are important parts of the food chain and the reef habitats found in the oceans.

Sea turtles are attracted to floating plastic bags which appear to be jellyfish, one of their favorite treats.

The plastic bags block their digestive system and cause a slow and painful death. Daily Mail in 2017 reports there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in oceans around the world and 8 million tons of waste is added each year.These items float in the water and wash up on beaches.According to the WWF, marine debris creates health hazards for marine life.Bottom feeding organisms ingest these chemicals and contaminates the food chain.The smaller fish is eaten by the larger fish, which is then eaten by a human.Eight percent of pollution has non-point sources and comes from land, reports the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

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