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If citizenship is the only requirement, the system turns into a universal basic income.Basic income means the provision of identical payments from a government to all of its citizens.

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Eligibility is typically determined by citizenship, a means test, and either availability for the labour market or a willingness to perform community services.

The primary goal of a guaranteed minimum income is to reduce poverty.

This article is about a means-based model of social welfare.

For the system of unconditional income provided to every citizen, see Basic income.

In 1963, Robert Theobald published the book Free Men and Free Markets, in which he advocated a guaranteed minimum income (the origin of the modern version of the phrase).

In 1966, the Cloward–Piven strategy advocated "overloading" the US welfare system to force its collapse in the hopes that it would be replaced by "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty".

The book also innovates a method to fund the process, tapping into the underground economy and volunteerism.

Other modern advocates include Hans-Werner Sinn (Germany), Ayşe Buğra (Turkey), The Green Economics Institute (GEI), Tax revenues would fund the majority of any GMI proposal.

For the system where citizens receive an income stream through the public ownership of industry, see Social dividend.

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