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Zach took responsibility for the accident to protect Kendall.

Bianca learned about the kiss between Zach and Reese.

Greenlee, dressed in a wedding gown and leather jacket, got on her motorcycle to find Zach.

Kendall was upset after she heard Bianca and Reese tell Erica that they had changed their minds about leaving Pine Valley.

To access any of the recaps from 1995 through 2013, please click on the corresponding link in our menu at the very top of this page or use the Recaps Quick View to quickly skip ahead to a particular month and year of recaps. Krystal learned that Tad and Jamie had been found and that Tad was returning home.

Opal accused Krystal of being unfaithful to Tad because of her relationship with David.

Feeling betrayed, Bianca decided to end her brief marriage to Reese. The tables were turned on the diabolical doctor when she tried to inject Annie with a lethal syringe. Sinclair was rushed to the hospital where the deadly toxins were removed from her system. David ordered tests after Joe suffered a dizzy spell.

Bianca was stunned when she learned that Reese had legal rights to Gabrielle. Ryan vowed that he would make Zach pay for Greenlee's death. Tad suggested that Krystal question David's desire to rush into marriage. Reese accepted Adam's invitation to move into the Chandler mansion.

Bianca became increasingly uncomfortable with Reese and Zach's relationship.

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