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If you use Anti Chat daily, have leadership skills and a minimum of 10 000 karma, you can try to apply for a mod. All moderators have a 'Moderators hat' in their Artifacts section. That means you were banned automatically for breaking the User Agreement, you signed electronically when started using the app: the system decides to lock you in Prison, you will be banned in all chats.

Karma - is your social status in the anonymous world of Anti Chat.

The more adequate and active is your behavior, the higher karma you get.

From there, you are given two (2) options; Hide or Exit/Delete.

If you Exit from a Group chat or Delete a private chat, you may lose it forever, so think twice. If you feel offended in a private chat, report the violators by replying them with the message below:/report First of all, your avatar is not just a simple avatar.

Your old character might be picked by someone else in your social graph.

If that happens, you will not be able to select your old character again.

Second, if your passwords still don't match, there will pop up a window suggesting you to reset your password.

If you have not registered yet, you do not have to receive any password. If you are a registered user and try to reset your password, but do not get it via SMS, we are sure that you typed your number wrong either when registered, or when tried to log in last time.

You can get karma by: texting to different users on interesting topics, sending pictures, buying artifacts in your profile and receiving gifts from other users.

Your karma is decreased each time you break rules or receive a ban or complaint on your behavior from any of our trusted users.

Users with fake or incorrect phone numbers can never get access to their account if they lose their passwords.

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